Universal job match problems


1) The site can be difficult and complicated to log in. It has a  6 mix letter and numerical password and an 11 number User ID ie 973456527897. Some claimants waste a lot of their job seeking time, just trying to log in. Some have to ask people to help.

2) Universal Jobmatch suggests jobs that are over two and half hours away from home. The recommended time is one hour travel. Why are these being recommended?  If a claimant has no car or doesn’t drive, they can’t get there anyway, especially, if there is no public transport.

If there is no public transport, they could walk or cycle, but the commuting route may include a 70mph bypass where there are no pavements, cycle paths or lighting, particularly in the winter. The road could also have a high car crash rate. Yet, the DWP are recommending these jobs. The walk could take three hours each way.

3) Skills levels  mentioned in the recommended jobs may require a Masters Degree yet the claimant may only have GSCE.

4) Some jobs ask for a young person but the Claimant is over 40.

3) There is a personal safety element. Claimants often don’t know the full address of the employers on Universal Job Search.  Some job claimants don’t feel that they are even vetted properly.

4. There is a risk of Identity Theft as seen on Channel 4’s recent news coverage (see links). It wouldn’t surprise me that there is even a risk of burglary as job interviews may say when they are interviewing and details of it may be online.

5. There over 6000 spammers using the site, including jobs as sex workers.

If you are having problems with this faulty site, tell us here.


40 thoughts on “Universal job match problems

  1. Glad to read this. I brought the subject up with my work programme provider. In the end they admitted the Universal Job Search site could do with some improvements. They seemed to think a 12 digit I.D. number was perfectly normal. And yet the place was full of people requiring help with using computers.
    The site is badly designed in every respect.
    I use the site every week so if you want someone else’s feedback just ask.

    • Ive been trying for the last few weeks,even asking for help in the jobcentre.They are very helpful but when im on my own its very difficult to log on send an email for a job and even get on to (UNIVERSAL JOBMATCH). So ive been sending emails from my own email address to look for work, and finding it hard to let the jobcentre know im actualy looking for work.Im taking classes twice a week on computers.I feel sorry for the multitude of people who have’nt got a clue? just like me.(BUT I’M PLODING ALONG HOPEFULLY TO GET A JOB.) Theres not many jobs these days you can talk to the Employer (ON THE PHONE) to get an interveiw.(ITS REALLY HARD,BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF US).

    • I don’ mind it, it just puts me in a panic, causing my eyes to hurt as I tried to adapt my CV to suit different jobs. I think spending 7hours a day looking for a job on the computer does not do the eye any good, and it gets me emotionally, mentally,tired and distracted in an attempt to show that I am actually looking for work. I would like to have at least one day that I would not have to go on the computer for more than 20 minutes. At a certain age, getting a job is not so easy even with all the experiences and effort to get back to work.

  2. The site was designed by Monster, an american company who know nothing about the UK geography.

    I do a search for Cleaners in Leeds, West Yorkshire I get 327 matches. Pretty decent. But what if want to to widen my horizons to jobs anywhere in West Yorkshire. Search for Cleaners in West Yorkshire gives 251 matches. Eh?

    But if I really want to widen my horizons and am prepared to look anywhere in the whole of Yorkshire. That would be loads of cleaner jobs, surely? Not on Universal Jobmatch. Search for Cleaners in Yorkshire gives just 50 matches.

    How does that work???

  3. I think Private Eye magazine needs to set up a weekly Column on Universal Jobs Mismatch.

    What a bunch of muppets. Keep this good stuff coming in! It really has to go.

  4. So pleasesd I have seen this the whole thing is a farce I am very unhappy with idea of leaving my CV on the site as I do not trust it. I do not like the fact that I can see no address when I am applying for a job. It has reduced my job search down by half. In the end they will have to reconsider if the Universal Job Match is a good idea and scrap it. When it comes down to it, it just an opportunity to spy on job seekers and where possible stop their benefits it is a simple as that.

  5. Universal Job Match is a thinly disguised and poorly thought out method of policing job seekers activities. If you log in and view a vacancy that is not suitable, you need to say why.
    The options do not allow for the fact that the job is inadequately described and once you open it up you realise that you do not match the eligibility criteria or that the employer is offering 11 hours and you require a minimum of 30. These reponses could result in sanctions and loss of benefit. This format was never designed to aid Job seekers and the poor sod who has limited IT skills will be the first to suffer.
    There is no longer an option to email a job to a friend a method used by many organisations who assist jobseekers thus limiting the jobseekers resources.
    Monster were no doubt acting on Government instructions when they created the site, and if I was responsible for it’s creation, I would be embarrassed to have this known.
    They must have left this job to the Office Junior.
    Yes the site has to go and hopefully the Government too.

  6. I an having trouble logging in as I can’t remember my 12 digit number and the site won’t recognise my email or password it says contact help site was giving email address by my advisor but it’s bounced back don’t no what else to do but I’m afraid if I can’t access it they will stop my benefit n I’m a single mother.if anyone can help me my email is lauraclarke 2205@yahoo.com ..

    • I had the same problem. Universal Job Match is not compulsory but you have to write in and say that you are having a problem with logging in and they will note it on their system. They did try to look at it but I didn’t allow access for them to have a look so they couldn’t do anything. They are more interested to have EVIDENCE that you are looking for work and using the site, even if you can’t log in. I asked them they would be happy to have a Print Out of jobs that you applied for or that you have used Gov.uk job search, and they said that is ok. So do a few print outs. if you belong to a Charity or Job Club get evidence that you were there, and get them to sign Gov.uk job searches etc.

      They are aware that loads of people are having problems signing in, it is so rubbish and employers are having problems too.

      • Hi friend, can I ask what is going on with you and Universal jobmatch now? are you on it? I am trying to inform them I have good reasons for not being able to sign up, and am obviously having trouble(sanctions).

    • email support address on the site and Just create a new one show your adviser the email cant stop you benefit then as up to support to resolve the matter.

    The fucking plebs who designed the site need to be taken into a field and shot with balls of their own shit .

  8. I have been using UVJ for 3 months and its a nightmare, most jobs want you to register with agencies and you end up with all sorts coming through. I found a job on the job centre terminal on fri 14 June and went to check it on UVJ, it was with TUI Travel, but when I keyed the ref no in it came up as no current vacancies. I checked with my advisor and she did not know why this happens. I looked at the date it was put on and it showed 13 June 2013.

    • I had trouble in the past, the way ive got around it is have a job site like (INDEED) it shows you jobs on Universal jobmatch, click on a job even if you dont want it and it will let you log in really quickly. Best of luck swan.6

  9. I along with many other porfessionals are trying to assist individuals that are requiredd to find a job -in this hellish employment market place! The classes are usually filled with individuals who either do not know what a ‘mouse’ is or are technophobes (invariably both characteristics!!) and are under severe pressure to use this God awful site! The main problem for you guys is this; there is no compassion within the sytem at all. That meanns that the job centre staff have been bludgeoned into being ‘automatons’ and the site! Well, really don’t get met me started!! In all my years of teaching-I have never come across such an ‘unfriendly-user’ site!! I thought the old style Lotus works was bad enough-but good grief!!??

  10. I’ve never managed to log into it, shame they just don’t provide the contact details for most the jobs and they have to be hidden, I’m quite happy to apply for things that are appropriate and print off the proof of my application. I’ve just found out they’ve scrapped the job diaries, they’ve just ripped out the 4 job points at my JC and replaced them with two computers! I’m not impressed, it feels rather than helping that yet more hurdles are being put in place. There is still work out there that doesn’t require computer skills and some quite old job seekers now the retirement age has gone up and I feel for them how frustrating this may be. Personally I just continue with my own search elsewhere ensuring I get some kind of proof be it a photo, paperwork like an application form or show them the interviews I am offered etc and I’ve avoided universal job crap completely after the 3 gov gateways ids I generated failed. I think the reasons it lets one choose for why you don’t wish to apply are retarded, how about including ‘I already worked there and was made redundant for one thing’ because I had that very situation…..! Yet alone I can’t get there at 1am or others.

  11. On the flip side I’m trying to post a job and it’s SHOCKING. I can’t login, can’t contact them, they’ve not replied to my email. I have tweeted the following accounts:

    @DWPPressOffice @gbworking The latter Twitter account seems highly redundant when your own Universal Jobmatch site is an abismal failure.

    @DWPPressOffice @gbworking Consider employing some decent programmers. Not sure how I’m supposed to recruit when it simply DOES NOT WORK.

    • I have noticed several employers being unable to use it properly and claimants can’t even reply as the employers have not put an email address. Yes, even employers are having problems even posting! Thanks for your comments.

    • It often doesn’t work after you have registered. Keep evidence ie photocopies that you have used the UJB site. And write a letter to them that it still is having problems, and it is well known problem.

  12. I have tried numerous times to log in to UJB, and have been unable to do so. I do not understand why they got an american company to set up a site based in England! It is of no use whatsoever
    and even the job centre advisor do not know how to help.

    • Write to your MP that the site still is not working properly after several months, make sure DWP are aware, print out Gov.uk job searches, write to the DWP for another number.

  13. At least once in every three times i try to log into my universal job match account i get a notice come up saying there is an application error. I was wondering if other people are also getting the same problem.

  14. Made one eror loging on, and have spent all day attempting to recover my access, and not a new one. Not fit for purpose and a waste of taxes too. The old system worked well, far better than this does.

  15. Absolutely agree with everyones comments the ujm is a pile of shit and needs to be scrapped. The latest updates on the website are horrible too, it has only six “freq. asked questions” which are bullshit because the main one people are asking is how to recover their accounts when they lock you out for putting in the correct password. Fucking absolute waste of time website that needs taking down.

  16. fed up of constant nit picking you think youve got the hang of it then something else turns up. job centre staff can never acsess it when i sign on I have to apply for their saved searches that are to far away, or way out of my experience if I don’t I get a shitty message to apply for what they think is ok. never bloody satisfied sick of stress trying to make sure I do what I should to keep benefits.

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