69 thoughts on “Universal Jobmatch: Log in problems

    • Mine keeps rejecting my password and the job centre staff wants to spend time ‘showing me how to do it’. Not sure I can easily wangle out of that. It probably still won’t work.


  1. I cant log on to the Universal account and I not spending hours trying to and I am not telling the Job Centre my E Mail address as I dont want any communication from them dont tell anyone there you have a mobil phone because if you do they will either bother your two or three times a day with phone calls or text messages

    • You have to tell them this, write something to them in writing and print out job descriptions from the site, just to show that you are ‘actively looking’as you need evidence you looked.

  2. The site is always crashing, alot of the jobs are through other sites so its hard to navigate and after using it for 9 weeks I constantly go home with headaches. The skills matches don,t work, one of mine posted a vacancy for an excavator driver even though its on the details I don,t drive!

  3. It is a stupid site. Will not log in using a PS Vita or a PS3 browser, re-directs to Government Gateway website with an error every time. Can’t see why it doesn’t work, have no issues with any other websites I use. Don’t have a PC or fancy phone at home to use…

  4. Am fed up tryin to login keeps saying user id or password n am not setting up another email Address as af already done tht n keeps sayin the same so af gave up onit al jst rite my jobs down.

  5. Am about to go & sign on, and i just know they will ask why i haven’t been using jobmatch…because it won’t fucking let me log in FFS!! Have even created new email address specifically for this reason& it still won’t let me log in. Fucking sick of it. Just another way the guvmint will stop your benefits, for not fulfilling your your duties as a claimant. Bastards!!

    • I believe you have to write directly to the DWP in order to get another. It is a real pain. You need to get another if you cannot register. I would make sure that your MP is aware that it still doesn’t work properly (writetothem.com) and if you do leave and go to the Jobcentre that they know there are problems with it and that you are ‘actively trying’ but there is a fault with the website. Take out GOV.uk jobsearch print out as evidence you are actively searching. Print out that the note, if you can, saying you can’t log in too. When you come to the Uk you can even get staff to show you how it works, but you do need a number. I cannot believe after several months the site still doesn’t work. And if you are overseas, this is even more ridiculous as the site should make it easy for everyone, here and abroad.

    • You have to start all over again from scratch, opening another email account and then make sure you keep the new set of numbers somewhere safely. The User ID is this number…

  6. personaly I thnink universal job match is a load of bollocks,ive reset my details now 8 times and im sick ov resting a new email for this shit website.

  7. I can never log back on after creating an account and using it once. The password doesn’t work and neither does the password reset. I can’ believe more people aren’t having this problem. I have to create another email every time I need to go show evidence of applying.

      • It is not easy to use at all. Many job centre staff I speak to say there are problems and clearly you can see from all these people trying to get in, there are problems. I suggest you get them to ‘help you’ at the jobcentre.

  8. I am having problems too. I have requested a new user ID and Password as my old one doesn’t seem to work. I requested a new one a few days ago and the automatic reply said that I would get a reply within 1 working day. This hasn’t happened. This is very frustrating

  9. I am a work programme advisor (twat) and have been using the same ID and Password for a client since we set up his account in April. I actively help/apply for positions on his behalf on a weekly basis.. logged in the tuesday 12/11/13 applied as normal.. everything as fine (as it can be) have gone to use it today using the same details and it will not let me in. I have gone through the trouble shooting rubbish as per.. but to no avail. Do you think that it may have been locked out due to too many incorrect attempts by the client.. ?? UJM is an absolute joke as are the jobcentres.. appreciate any advise as I am now willing to throw the pc through the jobcentre’s window.

  10. Aside from the 0845 tel no that neglects to say the line “no longer supports tech problems” after making you choose the option for tech support for Universal jobmatch- which I rang during Office hours-This site actually stops you applying for some jobs and prevents CVs being added. Any job that is progressed entirely through this site is inacessible to us.

  11. Government Gateway Help!!
    The Help Desk doesn’t work, for some maybe but not for me.
    I clicked on the “Help” icon which then sent me to a list of Departments & Boroughs, i tried the emailing link for universal.jobmatchgg@dwp.gsi.gov.uk and a box came up saying “Could not perform this operation” so you can imagine the only computer i can use at the moment is in the library..

    • i have tried over and over again using different email address 4 in total and passwords since March 2013 what a load of CRAP a waste of people’s time the jobcentre has no answers and are not helpful why didn’t they keep the old system using the machines they had previously which was more practical for everyone to use waste of money and time building stupid Universal CRAP

  12. i have been trying to get back into this site for ages i forgot my user id so i try get a new one sent to me via email but when i enter my password it says “Can not find this user” and tells me to contact the help desk but the support page on the site wont load or function at all they could make things easier by letting the people create user-names like other sites do THIS SITE IS A NO GOOD COPY CAT OF CV LIBRARY and should be shut down for for maintenance by people who no what they are doing and not be handled by amateurs that obviously need to go back to college for a refreshers course.

  13. i have been using universal job sight and find its a load of shit same jobs that dont match your criteria and trying to get on the sight is a nightmare just another load of crap the goverment has thought up to look like they are getting people backtowork but instead they are causing more stress to you and the coaches or so called advisers must have been trained by hitler i feel as if i am in boot camp .

  14. Over rated, under powered, waste of time! Nothing works! try and get a new user id! then a new password and still cant get back in! username: Shite. password Bollox!

  15. Ive got a BSc Hons Degree in Computer Science Class 2:1… and Universal Jobmatch website, particularly the loggin, IS A F#*KING JOKE!!!

    I’ll give them that its secure, yes… but sending the new password in 2 parts is so irritating! So I copied and pasted part 1 and 2 into password textBox and logged in successfuly. First things first, change password to something other than 95ycgynf4y blah blah….

    first question: whats your current password? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having copied and pasted I now only know the 2nd part that was emailed to me!

    So logout and start process again! grrrrr… IRRITATING!

    Attempting to go through the process, I now get; sorry, we dont recognise that user! I have checked, checked and checked again… no errors on my part with either ID or email.

    I appeciate you (.gov) need to give the new software developers a job, but atleast have someone there who knows what they’re doing. Or atleast thoroughly test the application for bugs before rolling it out!

    Now Ive got the mission of trying to find the Help desk link and then contacting and waiting for a reply….!

    I should be King of this country.. Id bring back the guillotine and public hanging, and run a very tight ship!

    • You will be pleased to know that Universal Jobsmistake is going to end in 2 years time when the contract ends (of course they will probably replace it with something worse, well, as ‘as long as its cheap’

      Totally agree with the password, it is so cacky.

  16. this sight is bolloks so is nelson jobcenter staff went in hd problems loging in and got no help we are met to apply for jobs other wise benifits are stopped i think its done on purpers so camren can make the unemployed moor depressed

  17. This gets more annoying each time the bastard won’t let me log in. This government wants knobbing for fucking up the system. I am seriously pissed off.

  18. Firstly, thank you for making this site.
    Universal Job match is a piece of shit, i could write a better online protocol with my dick.

    I am pulling my fucking hair out, with this piece of shit system.
    It is poorly managed
    poorly conceived
    they should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such complete and utter fucking crap to the public.


  19. I’ve had no logging in to UJM until today. Enter user id and password, and nothing! Have tried contacting the so called help desk, sod all from them as well. I don’t get me started on the same old bollocks jobs listed day after day, week after week, month after month as if they are new jobs! Get a grip DWP !!!

  20. can someone help me with the help desk number we too have found the reset password process impossible to navigate to!

  21. each time we click reset password it just takes us straight back to the same screen!!!

  22. been trying for days, every which way i can think of, rang them you name it….god knows how many times. the girls on the phone juspiuted for me to do things i had told them i’d done 20 times. can’t wait to sign on in a couple of days. i’m taking a printout of this page as proof of my jobsearch activities. 3 month sanction & homelessness here we come. well come on, i didn’t have any time to look for work after this debacle. i’ll wallop one of the fat security gaurds on the way out, hopefully get 3 month for assault. well at least i’ll have a roof over me & 3 square meals a day.

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  24. I have been having problems to log on to my lap with my ID number and password. Could some sort this out as soon as possible please

  25. advisor whining about not clicking box so they can not get in my U.J.M. account. Since this I cannot get into U.J.M. Will not accept my id or password. Will not reset either or let me change them.

    Job Center computer man registered me for a new account. message said I would get a phone call and give me a code to register account.
    Advisor says I have to do this at job center and cannot use their phone, but they will pay for one up to £70.00.Told to go to Argos and get the code number for a pay as you go phone with WIFI.
    and tell them what it will cost. Just does not sound right. They say it will help me job search, but I will struggle seeing the small screen. No mention of who will pay the pay as you , or the extra cost of re-charging. I do not have a mobile and can job search on a PC with no problem.

    When computer man filled in new registration form there was no tick box to stop them getting in my account.
    Cannot remember if you get the tick box after the telephone code.
    Concerned as I do not want them nosing in my personal account. Suspect registration form has been changed so there is no tick box to leave un- ticked!

    Anyone else had this happen? Any feed back appreciated.

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  27. I have been had 4 different password resets and still cannot get on. I feel like this is some sort of consipiracy so they can say you haven’t looked for work. I feel like tearing my hair out!

  28. If you are having problems with your password/ID try ‘Going Incognito’ (something to do with too many screens on your PC confusing it. Simple just use Chrome, which is more reliable. At the top you see a little box with 3 lines, click it until it says ‘Going Incognito’ and in many cases it should work. Internet Explorer is a pain, and they often have this one in libraries etc.

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