103 thoughts on “Universal Jobmatch: Log in problems

  1. how do these people get public funding?!!! worst website ever… government wants employers to provide jobs and bangs on about job centre plus yet has incompetent people running this on tax payers money hence why they don’t care. They should scrap this and leave it to some 15 year who would host a better recruitment website service from their bedroom …. absolute joke.. guess I will have to find said 15 years old to advertise the 6 urgent vacancies we need filling… what a waste of an hour of my time!!!!!!!!

  2. Bad enough having to sign up to this (after much pressure from the job centre. You no sign, you get sanction):but after having correctly signed up, it will not let me log in, neither my password nor my user if no have changed. Still sends me “job alerts” though! Why should I incur the cost of phoning the help line! Phoning any gov helpline involves listening to Vivaldi’s “four seasons” “spring” over and over again! Aaaah…..!

  3. Everytime try to login to account error occurred keeps coming up.Then you get messages fro. DWP saying you need to access your account to be entitled to continue your benefits. How do these people sleep at night don’t they realise that stopping people’s entitlement causes heart ache and missery to those individuals affected.

    • Try using a different brower.Say Chrome as that is quite reliable. Then go to the top right hand bit and you will see a box with black lines. There is an Incognito Tab. Click that and try again. Sometimes also there is a bug in it and you have to wait a few hours.The stupid UJ Mismatch is going as their rubbish contract will be ending…

  4. When I log into the job universal it says not recognised please try again later or contact the help desk it’s so annoying when job centre are on your back like a ton of bricks please help

  5. the job centre person said to apply for the jobs on jobmatch she gave me the ref number but it won’t let me go to the jobs how do I apply for tbem

      • Can you please give me the Help-Desk`s number, if you have it? As i have been blocked out of universal jobmatch! “thanks”

      • Universal Jobmatch Telephone: 0845 601 2001; Telephone (Welsh): 08456014441; Textphone: 08456012002. Lines Open: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

  6. cannot log into my account. haven’t changed password… using google chrome and tried on incognito mode… don’t really want to have to phone up to sort it. what do it do?

    • Universal Jobmatch Telephone: 0845 601 2001; Telephone (Welsh): 08456014441; Textphone: 08456012002. Lines Open: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

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