Valentine’s Day Poem about Universal Jobmatch

roses are red

jobs are few

o’there’s one in the Orkneys

but I’m in Timbucktoo.


Tips on Dealing with the Jobcentre for jobseekers

1) They somehow regularly ‘lose’ documents. This delays your claim. It is essential therefore, that you send your claim Recorded Delivery – less aggro in the long run. They don’t tell you that they regularly lose your documents

2) At interviews take a friend/witness with you for ‘support/help’ particularly if you have learning difficulties.

3) Don’t antagonise them.

4) If the claim is delayed for longer than 2 weeks, write to your MP. Over 2 weeks is unreasonable and politely inform the DWP in writing. It is amazing just how quick your claim gets sorted with such a letter.

5) Keep a diary and make a point of asking the person’s name and get them to sign that they have received your paperwork.

6) Make sure that the Council Tax people have same income information as jobcentre, make sure it is in writing too. Don’t trust the jobcentre to send it on.

7) Free legal advice is available at CAB and your Household Insurance if you have legal cover

8) Recommend you register for UJM (somehow) and keep log of your job centre activity.