Number of views my Blog has had so far!

This is a bit frightening : 22,844 and growing. And it is pretty plain blog too, as plain as Universal Job Match without the vile orange in it.

I was thinking, that considering how many people are looking at my blog, that I could get some advertising.

The money from advertising, after running this ridiculous pants system down, could be raised to chuck the Tories out of the next election, however, I do fancy a trip horse riding in the vast plains of Montana or Mongolia instead, with a bit splashed for the local foodbank.

Imagine signing off, saying you are a Professional Universal Jobmatch ranter. And the look their face.

The irony!


Unemployed people are struggling with Universal Job Mismatch

These are what people on my blog are searching under and there is a lot of them:

universal job log in
universal job match log in
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Other search terms
Unknown search terms

My stats……. Revealing, aren’t they!

Topic Views
universal jobmatch 400
Login Problems 378
computer problemsfailure to login 374
problemsover 2 hours travelJobs not matching skills & travel distance 24
DWP Satire 18
Uncategorized 15
universal job matchEmployers having problems with this UJM site 4
universal jobmatch and mental health 2
Dealing with job Centre