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You can see how institutionalised the system is as Jobcentre staff still bang on about Universal Mismatch on Twitter and how ‘wonderful’ it is, despite the fact it’s going to be scrapped in two years’ time because of zillions of complaints.  Staff, employers and work programme providers know that it is useless but within the Institutionalised Propaganda Machine Cult this is being ignored. 


Digital Jobcentre – That’s it, make it even more difficult for jobseekers to get a job

The DWP now has another brainwave, to turn jobcentres into ‘digital jobcentres’, a place where more jobseekers have to battle the useless Universal Jobmismatch.

That means they’re ripping out the free phones where people can get information on their case, enquire about crisis loans and get general DWP help.

Now, without the free phones, jobseekers are expected to USE THEIR OWN MOBILE  or landline to get information and use their premium rate Benefit numbers.  If jobseekers use their 0345 numbers, it could cost up to 40p a minute on a mobile. Bear in mind, that getting hold of the Benefits Office can take ages, and cost the jobseeker a fortune in calls, the whole situation is a scandal. Remember when the Environment Agency used premium rates for the floods, and had to overturn them, well, the DWP ought to do this too.

Just check out the prices of their numbers on Someone somewhere, is making loads of money out of jobseekers.

As you can imagine,  some people won’t be able to afford phoning as they will have no credit. Imagine those who have been sanctioned, perhaps because of a paperwork mistake, being unable to contact the Benefits Office as they have no money at all for their phone.

Perhaps the unemployed ought to go on a Mass Hunger strike. They have nothing to lose.

This Government, like the Universal Mismatch, has got to go.

Universal Jobs Mismatch – TO GO! Well done to everyone who complained

My friend spotted this in the Guardian:

“The government has drawn up plans to scrap its official jobs website, Universal Jobmatch, after recognising it is too expensive and that its purpose is undermined by fake and repeat job entries, according to leaked internal communications from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

A cache of documents seen by the Guardian details how the government’s main website for job hunters – which tens of thousands of unemployed people have been required by the DWP to sign up to – is likely to be jettisoned when the contract for the service comes up for renewal in two years.”

Just goes to show they haven’t a clue what they’re doing .  Even the Work Programme providers have said it was useless, and some of the DWP staff and employers.