Help to Work starts tomorrow

This is yet another hare-brained scheme, dreamed up by the Coalition of Incompetents who have already made a string of U-turns because many of their schemes are poorly researched and ill thoughtout, and mostly run by people who have never been out of work in their lives.

I expect even some Tory parents seeing their own children unemployed after university who are now having to go through these ridiculous hoops to get their jobseekers, are pretty angry themselves. They are seeing their children go through a lot of stress. Even jobcentre staff, feel undermined and demotivated with all the changes and the constant fear looming over their heads that they too will lose their jobs. They realise that the Coalition only cares about themselves, the people at the top.
The Coalition is hurting their own kind too, but they cannot see it.

I expect there will be yet another U-Turn, ‘just before’ the Election.

Oh let the Jamboree begin…….


Elections 2015 Labour Part will give the long term unemployed a job

The Labour Party (according to the BBC) will guarantee a jobseeker, who has been out-of-work a GUARANTEED part-time job.

This is a step in the right direction, and something positive for jobseekers, much better than being penalised by the Tories and Lib Dems who are treating people who are out-of-work as felons. Jobseekers are not criminals, in fact many of them do not even have a criminal record. They can also be doing voluntary work, rather being stuck in front of the telly watching some gormless gameshow.

Depression and Suicidal Feelings

Many jobseekers are feeling really depressed, and people just don’t understand what they’re going through.

The constant rejections, the nagging of ‘well meaning relatives and friends’, the souless and unsupportive jobcentres, the compulsory Work Programme, lack of feedback or negative feedback and, in some circumstances, absolutely ridiculous feedback, the feeling of blame, that you are ‘not doing enough’ and more,,can take its toll. Despite you trying to stay positive in a difficult economy the constant reminders and put downs can just make things worse. Unemployed people in domestic abuse situations can find it particularly hard, as the partner tries to make them feel even worse about themselves.

If you need some support contact Mind Charity on 0300 023 3393