Migraines and Universal Job Search, and job searching

I have been been having migraines that have been much longer than normal, since using Universal Job Mismatch,  ie several days after being online looking for jobs several hours a week, with poor lighting (after all, you are not  in a properly equipped office).

This is DAY 4

The anxiety of job searching ‘correctly’ makes it worse too.  Filling in complicated  and often futile jobs applications and then receiving messages online that you haven’t got a interview or that the agency etc hasn’t bothered to reply makes it worse too. It is sole destroying.

The fact that you have to do hours of jobsearch every day, looking at the Universal Jobmatch a lot with its migraine unfriendly bright white screen, you don’t really give your head a break, you are always ON. Most workplaces give you a day or two off, but we have to do an online jobsearch and record things every day, you can’t just do it 4 or 5 days a week and bundle things up in fewer days. Looking at so many other websites does your head in, going back and worth,filling in fiddly passwords etc. The system isn’t designed for people who are at risk of migraines and anxiety.

It is very difficult doing a jobsearch with a full blown migraine. They are not minor headaches.  I tend to fit it in in the few moments after when I take some pills, but then it starts coming on again. Every migraine is different, you don’t know what is going to be like.

Sometimes the pills don’t work. Women who suffer each month from migraines and nausea, will also find being online most of the day very hard. Even if you haven’t had migraines for a while, you may get them after using the Universal Jobmismatch after a while. People aren’t designed to be behind computers so much.

I have noticed that a lot of jobseekers on Twitter are suffering from migraines whilst doing their jobsearch and really struggling. People with Attention Deficit Disorder must also struggle too.

In the old days, jobseekers could search boards and get print outs from machines, but now they have been removed by the Government. Jobseekers are forced to go online every day.

The jobcentre does not seem to give you any advice on Health and Safety VDU use at all. This seems very wrong. No leaflets, nothing. They provide public computers but they are closed at weekends and there is no privacy. I mean they put them by huge queues of people.

I keep a diary on an App and at the Migraine Trust, but migraines, and eyestrain really needs to be talked about.

This is making our medical conditions worse and even starts new ones. Maybe we should consider sueing the Government so make sure you keep records and visit your doctor!


Universal Jobs Mismatch and Loan Sharks

The security on Universal Jobs Match is appalling. When I go into my emails, I get loan sharks, PPI claims and other junk mail in my Inbox.  It is worrying that these scammers get can get access to my private email address. Clearly they only get my email from the Profile on Universal Job Mismatch. this opens up Data Protection Issues