Universal Jobs Mismatch – TO GO! Well done to everyone who complained

My friend spotted this in the Guardian:

“The government has drawn up plans to scrap its official jobs website, Universal Jobmatch, after recognising it is too expensive and that its purpose is undermined by fake and repeat job entries, according to leaked internal communications from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

A cache of documents seen by the Guardian details how the government’s main website for job hunters – which tens of thousands of unemployed people have been required by the DWP to sign up to – is likely to be jettisoned when the contract for the service comes up for renewal in two years.”

Just goes to show they haven’t a clue what they’re doing .  Even the Work Programme providers have said it was useless, and some of the DWP staff and employers.


Universal job match problems


1) The site can be difficult and complicated to log in. It has a  6 mix letter and numerical password and an 11 number User ID ie 973456527897. Some claimants waste a lot of their job seeking time, just trying to log in. Some have to ask people to help.

2) Universal Jobmatch suggests jobs that are over two and half hours away from home. The recommended time is one hour travel. Why are these being recommended?  If a claimant has no car or doesn’t drive, they can’t get there anyway, especially, if there is no public transport.

If there is no public transport, they could walk or cycle, but the commuting route may include a 70mph bypass where there are no pavements, cycle paths or lighting, particularly in the winter. The road could also have a high car crash rate. Yet, the DWP are recommending these jobs. The walk could take three hours each way.

3) Skills levels  mentioned in the recommended jobs may require a Masters Degree yet the claimant may only have GSCE.

4) Some jobs ask for a young person but the Claimant is over 40.

3) There is a personal safety element. Claimants often don’t know the full address of the employers on Universal Job Search.  Some job claimants don’t feel that they are even vetted properly.

4. There is a risk of Identity Theft as seen on Channel 4’s recent news coverage (see links). It wouldn’t surprise me that there is even a risk of burglary as job interviews may say when they are interviewing and details of it may be online.

5. There over 6000 spammers using the site, including jobs as sex workers.

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